ACTive Roles will eventually apply for 501(c)(3) to be recognized as an official non-profit organization, but in the meantime, we rely on volunteers and donations to cover costs of marketing (flyers, posters, newspaper ads), costumes, props, sets, and any rehearsal venue fees. 

We will be having several tag days, car washes, and movie nights to raise money, but we also accept donations via PayPal (button labeled "Donate"), Go Fund Me, and (closer to performance dates) Kickstarter. 

We also accept non-monetary donations as computer paper, ink cartridges (HP Color 60 & Black 60), pencils, 3-ring binders, bolts of fabric (preferably muslin, or solid colors, florals, or geometric... no characters or modern prints), thread, face paint, aluminum foil, masking tape, elastic, cans of paint (any color), paintbrushes, wheat paste, gaffers tape, mini hot-glue sticks, 2"x4" wood pieces, nails, screws, 2"x4'x8' foam insulation board, extension cords, and twinkle lights. If you have anything else you think the theatre might be able to use, please contact